Garlicoin Federation

Clove by clove we expand the ecosystem of our garden. We want high-growing garlic blossoms that provide a healthy biosphere for our bees.

Become a member


By joining the federation and paying an annual membership fee of 69 Swiss francs you gain voting rights for the annual general assembly and can shape the direction of the federation.

Our Mission

The Garlicoin Federation wants to be a trusted issuer of wrapped Garlicoin. Important components and assets of the Garlicoin network should no longer belong to private individuals but rather to the federation so that a smooth process can be guaranteed in the event of an emergency. To facilitate the growth of Garlicoin we will represent it to Exchanges and other service providers.

Legal Seat

Garlicoin Federation
Poststrasse 22
6300 Zug

ambitious goals of our federation


ambitious goals of our federation

ambitious goals of our federation


ambitious goals of our federation


Represent Garlicoin to exchanges


Issue wrapped versions of Garlicoin


Helping Garlicoin to keep up with the latest developments


Support and finance appropriate research and development activities and projects by way of giving out bounties


We do not strive for a profit

Bread Bread

What we created and maintain to bring Garlicoin forward

Wrapped GRLC on Ethereum

We hold the keys for wrapped GRLC on Ethereum and are responsible to wrap and unwrap Tokens.

We are keeping the website up to date.

Business Development

We reach out to promising leads.

donation addresses

GRLC bech32
GRLC legacy